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  • Solidea Marilyn Therapeutic Ccl2 Compression Thigh Highs
  • Solidea Marilyn Theapeutic Support Stockings Closed Toe
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Natur Bronze Morel Granito BluScuro Nero

Solidea Marilyn Therapeutic Compression Hold Ups Ccl2

Style 324B8


Treat legs to the ultimate in comfort and style with these high grade compression support stockings. No need for uncomfortable suspender belts, as these thigh highs have a stay-up silicone band to ensure they stay in place.

Extra firm graduated compression offers therapeutic benefits for those with advanced venous insufficiency and disease.

Features textured, massaging sole. Santitized antimicrobial treatment for all day freshness.

Nero and Natur for immediate dispatch (stock level dependent), Bronze, Morel, Granito and Blu Scuro will take approx. 1 week for delivery.

  • 25-32 mmHg graduated compression (Class 2)
  • Made with 80% Polyamide/20% Elastane
  • Closed Toe Design
  • Santised antimicrobial yarn
  • Textured Sole

cG - Circumference of thigh at the groin, cF - Circumference of thigh mid way between groin and knee, cD - Circumference just below the knee, cB - Circumference at the ankle

Size Chart For Solidea Marilyn Therapeutic Compression Thigh Highs


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