Sizing & Colour Guides


It is always best to measure yourself first thing in the morning, as this is when your leg circumferences will be at their smallest due to a long period of elevation from sleeping. This is also the best time to put on your compression hosiery.

If you are unable to measure yourself in the morning, then it is recommended to elevate the legs for at least 15 minutes prior to being measured.

We will always recommend to order the size set out on the manufacturers sizing charts. As long as you have measured yourself correctly, they should fit you. Compression hosiery may appear small to the eye when you take them out of the packaging, but they are made to stretch. They are designed to be tight when you wear them.

Please always double check the sizing. If you are a Medium in one brand, this does not automatically mean you are a Medium in all brands, different manufacturers will have different size charts to work off.

We have tried to make the sizing as easy as possible to use and have put each and every size chart with each and every product in our catalogue. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.


It is impossible to create exact matches of product colours on a computer screen. We have created colour charts to give you an idea of what the colours are like and also give descriptions (in brackets) behind all of the colour names.